If Obedience Was Easy Everyone Would Walk In It

If Obedience Was Easy Everyone Would Walk In It
Obedience has a starting point, but obedience is something that never ends. It is more than a single step; obedience is an ongoing walk with the Lord in the direction He desires one to go. It is not easy, but the destination pays the price for the journey.
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About the Book

Obedience is something that is often easier to talk about than it is to walk out. In this book Rodney explores various elements of obedience and the lessons he has learned in his own walk of obedience. There are many aspects of obedience that are difficult and will require each of us to submit our will to His. As we learn to walk in obedience, however, we find ourselves also walking in the blessing and favor of God.

Publisher: Rodney Burton Ministries
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 98 pages
ASIN: 1974395235
ISBN: 1974395235
List Price: 7.99
Rodney Burton has once again, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, written a powerful book that needs not only to be read once, but should be added as a permanent resource to your personal ministry library. Rodney lays out from the very start that obedience has a starting point but has no finish line. This is a powerful statement for every reader to ponder. A statement in Rodney’s introduction, “one of the hardest lessons to learn about obedience is the realization that it involves faith and not presumption;” will stir you to read the following pages with that thought process in mind. I highly recommend you not only read this book but also share it with others. Great word for the age in which we are living!
– Keith E. Taylor
As a preacher and teacher, Rodney Burton has a unique anointing. He has the ability to encourage your faith with a rhema word, while simultaneously taking a Scripture that you have read countless times before and helping you see things in it that you haven’t seen before. He also carries that same anointing in his writing. I have read every one of Rodney’s books. They have blessed me, encouraged me, challenged me, and provoked me to thought. If Obedience Was Easy Everyone Would Walk In It is different. This book is a prophetic “slap in the face” – and a much –needed one at that. If you feel that you are lacking in power or anointing in your life and ministry, the message of this book would be a great starting point as to where you should look.
– Gobel Brockman
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