Book Reviews

“I have read the four books that Pastor Rodney has written and I have not only enjoyed their messages, but I have a better understanding of the messages and the Bible parts that he has covered. I look forward to each new book he writes.” – Mary Powell

“This is definitely the best piece that Rodney has written so far. He does a great job of mixing personal stories with Biblical examples to prove the points that he makes. I recommend it!” – Aaron Brockman on “Sustaining God’s Presence”

“When I glanced at the title, it didn’t enthuse me to read it. However once I saw the author offered a free copy on Amazon Kindle to read and/or review, I read the first few pages and was immensely engulfed into the meaning of “digging” or “dug wells”. I was immensely blessed by it whereas I will share in my Bible Study session coming up in May; this book came in a timely season that I am also experiencing to where I need a spiritual nourishment, seeing God’s provision over the vision, and continue to trust God in the midst of obstacles.

Rodney Burton tells the reader that we can have a continual source of spiritual nourishment, life, and strength. He also elaborates on things that I was unaware or gave clarity on biblical definitions and meanings in relation to the story of Isaac after receiving Abraham’s inheritance. He also learned the favor of God, His blessings, and how to restore what was already there (or the promises of God). He could have went into despair and/or depression and saw Gerar as a dry land, but he followed through with God’s plan and saw his obstacles as opportunities instead. We also can have such favor and acknowledgment for our obstacles too.

Thank you for writing such a nonfiction book on a topic I could have easily overlooked. It was a helpful tool and now will share the lesson(s) with my Bible Study class. However, the only downfall of the book was there were some things redundant but useful for the believers spiritual growth and faith walk.” – Adrienna Turner on “Just Keep Digging”

“The passion for revival in the pages of this book is contagious. If you are hungry for more of God you will love this book. Rodney follows the life of the Old Testament King Josiah and shares personal stories to clearly communicate principles that are important in creating a structure that allows God to move freely and in power. Rodney does an incredible job of using scripture throughout the entire book to emphasize and validate the need and results of revival. Carrying The Torch For Revival is biblically sound book that covers the topic of revival and is sure to cultivate a hunger in your heart to see a fresh move of God in your life and ministry! Read this book; you won’t be disappointed!” – Ryan Hart on “Carrying the Torch for Revival”

“In 31 Keys to Possessing Your Promise Rodney Burton takes the reader on a journey with Abraham’s descendants as they seek their promised inheritance. At each city the reader is given a key to possessing their own promise/inheritance in Christ. This book serves as a great devotional for both those that are struggling and those that just need a reminder that God often has so much for us than we imagine. The study questions are helpful for the person that is serious about following God and experiencing His promises.

The book is centered in Christ and what He has already accomplished for us to insure our inheritance. Rodney writes. ‘Because of what Jesus Christ has done for us, we do not have to live in defeat. We can be victorious. As we focus on God and what He has done for us and no longer allow the enemy place or authority in our lives, we will begin to see true freedom come and the strongholds of the enemy defeated.’ Excellent job! ‘It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.’ Galatians 5: 1” – Pastor Don on “31 Keys to Possessing Your Promise”