International Ministry

Over the past several years God has opened doors for our family to minister outside of the United States. As a family we have been to Argentina and Ireland, and Rodney has also traveled to Ireland privately, to Haiti, The UK, and Ghana. Invitations for international ministry continue to come in, and we continue to prayerfully consider each opportunity. We have quickly realized, however, that we cannot make every trip. There are times when the need to decline an international ministry invite is very difficult.

One of the primary reasons that it is difficult to accept every invitation is due to the cost of international travel. Many of these trips have been funded by RBM with limited requests for donations. We have been blessed by individuals who have chosen to partner with our international work, and for that we are extremely grateful. On very few occasions, however, have we requested financial assistance to help offset our travel expenses. God has provided, and we are confident that He will continue to provide as we prayerfully and faithfully walk through any and all doors opened by Him.

With that in mind we have decided to add this simple page to our website that will be dedicated to our international ministry. We will do our best to provide upcoming trips that are either on our calendar or are very close to being finalized and placed on our calendar. This will be one way in which we can maintain communication and clarity with our partners and our friends. In addition to providing information about international ministry this page will also provide the opportunity for you to make a financial contribution toward our international ministry. Any donation you make that you designate for international ministry will be placed in that fund to only be used for that purpose. Plus, as with all donations made to RBM, your donation will be tax deductible.

Below we will list upcoming international ministry opportunities that have been finalized. Thank you so much for your partnership and your friendship as we continue our pursuit of His presence domestically and abroad.

February 17-28, 2023 Multiple location trip to the UK with Aaron Brockman

  • We have not felt a release from the Lord to travel internationally since our trip to England in 2019. We have declined multiple invitations over the last three years. We feel a strong draw for this trip. Rodney and Josiah will be traveling with Aaron and his son Riley.
  • Our flights have been reserved, and further plans are being made. Any financial assistance provided would be a huge blessing. Our estimate is that the trip budget will be around $2,500 – $3,000.