Unless You Repent


In this book Rodney deals with the important subject of repentance. Both John the Baptist and Jesus began their public ministries by calling people to repentance. Historically, any and all great revivals have been focused on a call to repentance. Many times in our modern religious approach we have eliminated the call to repentance, but that is to our own peril. God has not changed; He is still calling us to repentance. Unless we repent, we too will likewise perish. Are we listening to that call?

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If America ever needed a move of God it is today. I first met Rodney Burton in his earlier ministry as he pastored a rural Kentucky congregation. He left a faithful and indelible imprint on lives. Burton has delivered a full-orbed framework of repentance. Theological at its core, he weaves personal storylines flawlessly, acknowledging the dangerous work of sin. His scripture-packed journey of the deceptive, and details of the transformative life from genuine repentance, promises a healing of true conviction that shatters the world’s condemning spirit. Burton pens the very foundation of the gospel message found in intimacy and relationship with God birthed from repentance. His Chapter Two’s “Birthing Process of Sin” and his “That is number 39” storylines are worth the price of admission!
Joseph S. Girdler, DMin, Network Pastor/Superintendent, KY Assemblies of God, Louisville, Kentucky

These are the days when no one wants to assume personal responsibility. No one wants to own their sin, and in the absence of integrity and humility, a generation of self-centered attention seekers has come to the forefront. That is why I am thrilled to read this timely message on repentance from my friend, Rodney Burton. Friend, allow me to encourage you to read these words as an appeal from Heaven to your heart, and let the Holy Spirit draw you into this beautiful repentance, for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ.
Lydia Marrow, Vanguard Ministries