Scheduling RBM

Rodney would love to speak at your church, to your small group, at your conference, or for any special event. His heart is burdened with the desire to see the body of Christ equipped to fulfill her purpose. Rodney’s preaching, writing, and ministry style is not harmful to the minister or the local church. In fact, the opposite is true. He will be a blessing to you and help you on your journey toward effectiveness in Christ.  

Why should pastors invite Rodney to speak at their church or conference?
– Rodney’s desire is not to add anything new to an individual or to a church, but to draw out of them what God has already deposited in their life.
– Rodney’s private life matches his public passion and preaching. What you see is what you get.
– Rodney’s heart burns for the presence of God and for the atmosphere to be conducive for God’s Spirit to impact lives in and beyond any one service.
– Rodney is gifted at helping people apply God’s Word to their own life. The Word of God has the answers to all of our questions, but it need not be approached with such mystery.
– Rodney does not carry a personal agenda. Rodney simply wants God’s people equipped for the fulfillment of their own purpose.

RBM is a full-time traveling ministry, meaning Rodney and his family are available for ministry any day(s) of the week. Much of the schedule is built around Sunday meetings, but it does not have to be built in that manner. Feel free to discuss any schedule options or ideas you may have.   RBM does not have a set amount expected or requested in order to minister.  We serve the church on a love offering or an honorarium basis.  We are humbled and honored to serve any church or any ministry of any size.  Listed below are upcoming Sundays that are currently unscheduled for anyone who may desire a Sunday or a general guideline for scheduling RBM.

All 2023 Sunday Ministry Dates are FULL. We are now taking requests for scheduling in 2024.

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Check out this message Rodney shared in Terre Haute, Indiana on Sunday, April 18, 2021.