Carrying the Torch for Revival

Carrying the Torch for Revival
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Publisher: Rodney Burton Ministries
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 150 pages
ISBN: 9781479365326

At the age of eight, Josiah took his place on the throne as King in Jerusalem. It began the fulfillment of the prophetic destiny that had been established for and about Josiah over three-hundred years earlier. He reigned as king for thirty-one years, and in that time he led the nation and the people through a time of revival and reconnection with God and God's ways. This book explores how Josiah carried the torch for revival, and draws on some principles from his reign that we can apply to see God bring a great revival in our day as well. When destiny overtakes reality there is a powerful thing that happens. It is time for you to step into your destiny today.

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About the Book

Josiah took the throne at the tender age of eight, and during his thirty-one years as king, he led God’s people back to Him. His focus was on doing what was right in the eyes of God, and walking in ways that were pleasing to God. The result was that he led a mighty national revival, not just a natural kingdom.

This book explores Josiah’s reign as recounted in 2 Chronicles 34. From this chapter of Scripture we find some powerful truths and principles in leading a move of God. Josiah definitely carried the torch for revival, and he did what was necessary to see that torch turn into a blazing fire.

“I enjoyed very much reading your book on Josiah and revival. Love your heart for spiritual awakening and revival! It was a fascinating read – especially given my own prophetic interest in Josiah. May it multiply!!”
– Dr. James T. Bradford
Former General Secretary of The Assemblies of God

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