Sustaining God’s Presence

Sustaining God’s Presence
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Publisher: Rodney Burton Ministries
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 118 pages
ASIN: B00M3M101Q
ISBN: 9781495235535

It is one thing to have a single or occasional encounter with God's Presence, but something entirely different to have a sustaining relationship with His Presence.

It is the desire of God to dwell with His people and not to simply visit them. The greatest damage of the Garden of Eden was the severing of the deep, relational connection between God and Adam. God has never stopped desiring that type of connection with man. Oftentimes the issue is that man does not want it with God.

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About the Book

What about you? Do you long for the abiding presence of God? This book explores some practical keys for us to sustain God’s Presence in our lives and in our churches. I believe if these principles are applied we can find ourselves truly walking in the Spirit of God and experiencing all the benefits and blessings of His Presence at all times in our lives.

“Pastor Rodney does a wonderful job in Sustaining God’s Presence of explaining and setting the foundation for what it means to have and to maintain an intimate relationship with God. His use of Scripture and his own life experiences make the book easy to understand and to apply to everyday life.” Pastor Aaron Brockman – Columbia City, Indiana

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I just finished reading Rodney's Burton's latest book, "Sustaining God's Presence" and I must say that I believe this should be considered a text book on how to keep the presence of God in one's life and Church. As a pastor, and revivalist, I am fully aware that it is much easier to "get" the presence of God to come, but much more difficult to keep or maintain it. A good comparison is, "it is easier to get married than it is to stay married." We can say we want Him in our lives, but then we balk at the price tag His presence carries. Salvation is free to all, but the depths of His presence and blessings in your life that it brings, is in relation to what you are willing to do to keep it. I will certainly recommend this book to others who are in pursuit of His presence.
– Phillip Corbett
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