Walking in Victory


As a Christian I am not walking toward victory; I am walking in victory. It took me many years to realize the truth of that statement. Through many hardships, difficulties, and personal challenges I constantly tried to prove myself and to earn the victory that I believed was available to me as a Christian. The problem, however, was working to earn in my own strength what had been made available to me through and by the strength of Jesus Christ.

Many times I found myself feeling overwhelmed with guilt for not measuring up to what I thought I should be in Christ. Many times I would beat myself up for assuming to know what I was supposed to do and who I thought I was supposed to be, without knowing what or who that even was. I found myself in a vicious cycle, as if swinging on a pendulum between moments of good Christianity and bad Christianity. I would often try to justify in my own mind that my moments of good were becoming more common than my moments of bad. I would keep a mental tally of the victory I was finally earning. It was exhausting.

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In this book Rodney walks the reader through his personal journey of freedom and victory over various areas of life struggle. As a Christian a person does not live in pursuit of victory; as a Christian a person lives in victory. Many times the challenge is truly understanding what Christ has done for us, and applying that work in a real way in our lives. Rodney uses this book to be very transparent about his own life, and the areas in which he had to learn to activate the work of Christ in order to know true and lasting freedom.