Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes
$7.99eBook: $3.49
Publisher: Rodney Burton Ministries
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 106 pages
ISBN: 9781523709434

Perspective is so important. How many times have we caused damage to ourselves or to other people by seeing things the wrong way? How often do we move forward based on our own understanding without taking the time to see things as they truly are?

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About the Book

How we see God is going to have an impact on how we pray to Him, worship Him, and represent Him. The view we have of ourselves is going to influence how we carry ourselves, the places we go, and the things we choose to enjoy or experience in life. Our perspective of other people is going to determine to whom we relate and the way in which we choose to relate to them. The way we look at things will affect the way we approach those things. Perspective is so important.

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